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Elena Krylova

елена крылова дизайнер
Profession designer VIP-interiors - a symbiosis of creativity and ability to organize as space, so the process of its creation and implementation.

The creative part of me - a legacy from his grandfather, a talented artist. Managerial - inherited from her grandmother, who was the head of a large company.

Create space for the other person - a very important process. The task of designer premium level not only to create an interesting and luxurious interior, the spirit and time, but most importantly - comfortable, ergonomically thought-out space.

I think that every self-respecting, above all himself, the designer simply must keep up with the times, keep abreast of the latest trends and new products, latest collections of furniture and decoration materials, know the trends in the world, interested in the world of art and constantly develop in their profession .

But this is to create an exclusive interior design is not enough ...

If you look at the diamond on the one hand, it will be like a simple thing: both the left and right sides it will be like a triangle. And if you look at it from above - is a very different kind, in which will be revealed all its beauty and jewelry cut this precious stone, its radiance and iridescence ...

Therefore, in my works I always try to take into account all the wishes and needs of the customer:
Important for me to see a man, so that later, taking into account all these faces, to create a perfect space and luxury interior design. To each his project I go deep individually, tactfully and sensitively.

I appreciate your trust and appreciation. I create your world for you, given your individual perception of space, paying maximum attention to your convenience and comfort.

I strive to create a home in which you will want to return again and again. No wonder the great say it is one of the components of happiness ...

Interior designer, Elena Krylova