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Our disadvantages

  1. We're not doing projects for buildings of less than 100 square meters.
  2. We do not work with non-professional builders.
  3. We do not offer to create design projects, outdated materials and collections.
  4. We no longer know how to make 3D visualization room for one hour.
  5. We do not draw the location of outlets, light fixtures and other things directly on the walls of the building project.
  6. We do not give the drawings of a construction company without the consent of the customer.
  7. We are not responsible for the quality of materials and furniture that are not recommended by us.
  8. Twice a year, for a maximum of 5 working days, we leave at international exhibitions and, in this regard, forced to stop work on Studio 50%, which is well in advance to inform the customer and accounted for in calculating the period of delivery of the project at the signing of the Treaty.