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Studio interior design Elena Krylova running since 2006 and provides services in the field Interior Design Premium-class segment:

The studio works on the territory of Russia, Europe and the United States.
For your comfort, the studio has an office in London.



60 EUR / meter


90 еEUR / meter


150-300 EUR / meter
1Standard operating records:
-Space planning solutions
-All plans
-Sweep all the rooms, except for technical (boiler room, laundry, etc.)


-layout of tiles
-floor sections
-ceiling sections,
-detailed layout of all floor coverings with an indication of the type of technology transitions and places; joints and joints
-the exact binding plumbing and electrical appliances, sockets, switches, etc.
-development of sophisticated furniture units.+
-space planning solutions, taking into account a large number of non-standard solutions+
2Detailed design - sketches or collages main rooms (living room, hall, dining room, master bedroom, etc.)
-visualization of the main rooms (living room, hall, dining room, master bedroom, etc.)++
-development of individual interior: fireplaces, stairs, furniture, lamps, sculptures and other works of authorship;+
-3d rendering high quality of facilities and objects.+
3Statement of Recommended base material selection.+
Extended bill of materials and equipment; calculation of lighting.
Detailed selection of materials.
4Author's supervision:
Customer site visits in order to:
- Monitoring compliance of works and projects, and the designers;
- The selection of colors and textures of materials on-site, with real lighting;
- Clarifying a number of issues of detail and aesthetics of performance that may arise in the course of construction;
- Telephone and other negotiations with the contractors work;
- Consultancy related designers (electrical, OVVK, etc.);
700 euros per month, includes 4 out within the Moscow Ring Road, or 200 euros for the 1st exit
5Acquisition of the property:  
- Visits to suppliers with the customer and without it;
- Telephone and other negotiations with suppliers to obtain their accounts drawn up and compliance testing plan designer;
- Technical documentation from the suppliers and manufacturers of consulting activities;
- Support payment;
- Organization of delivery, unloading and storage, and security values.
700 euros + 10% of the value of the purchased furniture and materials
6Additional interior sketches (hand black and white graphics, hand-color graphics, 3d max)
7Designing of custom-made items, including furniture, chandeliers, fireplaces, stairs, sculptures, paintings, intricate designs of wooden and stucco ceilings, panels, etc.10% of the value of goods
8Project support:
- Monitoring compliance with the calendar dates of repair, construction and finishing works.
- Quality control in the course of repair, construction and finishing works, quality control and compliance of the materials used and supplied equipment design and design decisions and requirements specification.
- Quality control and compliance of the materials used by contractors and estimate documentation, if necessary - to check if documents confirming their quality (technical certificates, certificates, and so on. N.).
- Assist in the selection, purchase of materials and equipment.
- Coordinate the work of contractors, settlement of disputes.
- Photo fixation of construction work. (For the purposes of an independent quality control is carried out photo fixing authorized marriage, defects, as well as work on their elimination and fixing hidden works photo).
10% of the construction budget
9Interior Decorating: filling furnishings, paintings, vases, installations, flowers, dishes, sculptures, art objects, different decor.10-30 euros per square meter