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Apartment in "Dominion" 200 sq.m.

Apartment in "Dominion" 200 sq.m.
The design was made in eco-style.
The interior uses natural eco-friendly materials, the latest technologies and developments in the field of protection of environmentally friendly living.
Designer lamps, comfortable sofas, stylish accessories, interesting textures of finishing materials played an important role in creating the interior.

Interior design in LCD Dominion meets all the criteria of aesthetics, comfort and convenience of a modern family.
The main principle in the design of the interior of the studio Dominion Elena Krylova - is to create a modern space that meets all the requirements of a comfortable space. Free Dominion interior layout allows you to create a unique interior design and maximum functionality and creative space in any style - from classic to contemporary.

The large kitchen and bedrooms, the presence of dressing rooms - all this allows the interior designer did not granulate with the details and make the interior of the creative component design.
Interesting interior design LCD Dominion looks eco-style. It fits perfectly into the concept of the space of apartments, which offer great views of the Moscow State University and the Sparrow Hills.
Interior design in the Dominion can be made not only in the interiors of apartments, but in the penthouse on the top floor of the complex Dominion.

Duplex apartments LCD Dominion, the design of which can be stylized country house of 250 - 622 square meters, have a lot of possibilities for realization of the most unusual design ideas. Panoramic windows and light second, the possibility of installing a fireplace, winter gardens, and much more will be an excellent basis for the creation of interior design in the LCD Dominion in any style - classical or modern.

Years of experience design studio Elena Krylova allows you to create functional and stylish interior design projects in LCD Dominion for the most demanding customers.
For the most demanding customers in the residential ┬źDominion┬╗ penthouses are created by the classical canons - in the form of duplex apartments on the upper floors of apartment buildings.

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Apartment in "Dominion" 200 sq.m.
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