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Publication in the magazine "House Beautiful"

Publication in the magazine "House Beautiful" Design project house equestrian center "Joy" is published in the March issue of the magazine "Beautiful home."

Villa in equestrian club

Country complex and equestrian club "Joy", located just three kilometers from Moscow - a Mecca for lovers and connoisseurs of horses. The customer of the project among them. A great lover of horse riding, an experienced rider and owner of several horses, it is not a life without constant horseback riding. That is why he chose the territory of equestrian complex as a place for your own home.

A distinctive feature of country complex "Joy" - absolute privacy and seclusion. Here, in the vicinity of the full of life, the incredible atmosphere of tranquility. The silence is broken only tsokone hooves and rustling leaves. An interesting fact is that working on the project and solving the problem of a harmonious combination of style home with reigning mood here, the architect-designer is so inspired by the grace of a racehorse, and imbued with all the subtleties of horsemanship that she became involved in equestrian sport.

The modern design of the interiors of the villa includes many elements of eco-style. This approach emphasizes the idea of ​​uniting the living space with the beauty of the surrounding nature. Subject merge with the landscape can also be seen in the fact that the house is complemented by a large terrace and an outdoor patio: in good weather here loves to gather around the dinner table the whole family of customers, admiring the beautiful views.

The original layout of the house requires a clear functional zoning at the front and private area on each floor - kitchen and living room downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. Her slightly adjusted to make the house as comfortable as possible. To maximize space, let in more light and air into the interior through panoramic windows, living room and kitchen combined with each other.

The interior of many of the original details and findings draw attention to the horse theme. One of the main decorative elements of the original living room has become a multi-level ceiling in the shape of a horseshoe, accented by LED lighting. Lots of accessories in the form of figurines of horses and decorative glassware Hermes to showcase Italian factory GT Tonin also support the theme of the location of the villa on the territory of equestrian complex.

Sitting area with soft sofa elite of Italian factory Il Loft and two chairs in the space designated Arketipo two main accents of the interior: a fragment of a wall with flat screen TV on the one hand and a fireplace on the other. The wall behind the TV finished with modern flexible material with the face of his veneer of natural stone with a beautiful pattern of veins. The wall behind the fireplace lined with onyx with mood lighting, created in the interior atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

Lighting in the interior matched the ecological style. In the living room on a glass coffee table streaming transparent "air bubbles" chandeliers Murano Due, and the kitchen area is decorated with designer lamps Flos.

The bedroom and the nursery on the second floor of a minimum of furniture, but a lot of the surfaces of wood, blends well with the ecological patterns of textiles and wallpaper. The interior design of all rooms perfectly fit the picture from the private collection of the owners of the house.
13 March 2015

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