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Elena Krylova at a conference on trends "pechakucha"

Elena Krylova at a conference on trends "pechakucha" October 13 in the center of the design and interior "Expostroy" on Nakhimovskom held an event in the new format, popular in the West in the creative community, "pechakucha." Designer Elena Krylova was one of the speakers and explained his vision of the trends for 2016.

As part of his three invited experts made their presentations, the size of which according to international standards should not exceed 20 slides, each of which lasted no more than 20 seconds. As a result, capacious form Visitors (they an unusual event gathered more than 80 people, including students of specialized universities), learned three different view of fashion and the latest trends in the coming year.

Star interior designer Elena Krylova, which works in the bank for the projects of Bari Alibasova, Natasha Queen, Anastasia Volochkova, the first eco-office "Sberbank of Russia" and many of the interiors of villas and yachts, shared his vision of the trend next year. According to her, the rage will be eco-style, but is embellished luxury, relevant to the style of Provence, with its cozy details and a loft acquire new shades in the form of glamorous accessories.

Елена Крылова, дизайнер интерьеров

After a 6-minute speeches speakers discussion continued in the format of the debate. The audience wanted to know what inspired designers like build their work, they attend and where to draw ideas. Thank visitors to the event and speakers!
2 November 2015

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